Frequently Asked Questions

In this course, do I learn how to work with AIR-FLOW® and Piezon® devices?

Yes, combining theory and practice, the courses given by the Swiss Dental Academy teach you how to properly handle our ultrasonic (Piezon®) and AIR-FLOW® technologies. Furthermore, they are a resource for a great deal of valuable information and practice-based tips for your practice.

Do I also learn hand-scaling in the course?

No, the courses of the Swiss Dental Academy provide you with a combination of theory and practice so you learn therapy-appropriate instrumentation with ultrasonic tools (Piezon®).

Do I also learn the correct care of implants?

Yes, the course content includes the care of patients with implants. In addition to the special requirements and circumstances of implant patients, we also impart valuable medical expertise along with a concept for biofilm management.

What do I have to bring with me to the course?

You do not need any additional materials. Bring the enjoyment of learning with you and look forward to taking a course with us. One that provides you with many valuable tips from real life practice for your practice. Exchange professional ideas with your colleagues and benefit from the long-term experience of our trainers.

Where will the next course take place?

Please contact us for course offerings in your area by filling out the contact form.