The future of modern prophylaxis

GUIDED BIOFILM THERAPY is the unique prophylaxis concept that pursues Biofilm Management determined by scientific standards based on the principles of the scientific studies of P. Axelsson and J. Lindhe. The Original AIR-FLOW® and Piezon® methods constitute the technological basis for this concept.

Not all prophylaxes are created equal.

Even now, in the majority of professional dental cleanings (PDC) biofilm is removed with the help of abrasive polishing pastes. Thus, even when low-abrasive pastes (RDA 27) are used, the enamel prisms so essential for natural mineralisation are irretrievably polished away (abraded).

Current literature indicates that the use of AIR-FLOW® und slightly abrasive powder not only achieves better results allows for more efficient work that is also gentle to dental substance. This tells us that information, clarification and advanced education on this subject matter are very important.


GUIDED BIOFILM THERAPY – The gold standard in prophylaxis

GUIDED BIOFILM THERAPY comprises precise diagnosis and individual risk assessment for caries, gingivitis, periodontitis, perimucositis and peri-implantitis as well as renewed instruction and motivation of the patient to pay attention to home oral hygiene.

In the subsequent treatment with AIR-FLOW® and if it should prove necessary, also with Piezon®, this holistic methodology provides a maximum in terms of comfort, safety and efficiency.Professional prophylaxis according to the standard GUIDED BIOFILM THERAPY constitutes a valuable contribution to the preservation of natural teeth for a lifetime and to the protection of implants

GUIDED BIOFILM THERAPY leads the paradigm shift in professional prophylaxis based on the latest scientific findings. In doing so it follows insights gained by employing the AIR-FLOW® method in this process, with the following findings:

  • Improves visibility of calculus
  • Minimises harmful oral bacteria
  • Significantly enhances patient comfort
  • Reduces effort and the strain on the practitioner when using ultrasonic devices.
  • Saves time that can be better used for additional services such as diagnosis and assessment.