The future of modern prophylaxis

Prophylaxis and prevention are on trend. Well-informed patients know: preventive, professional dental cleaning is preferable to expensive restorative work. And everyone knows: There’s nothing like retaining one’s natural teeth. As a dental prophylaxis specialist and practice staff member, your role is to support your patients’ maintenance of their natural teeth, whereby you assume great responsibility. Taking the new courses at the SWISS DENTAL ACADEMY assures you of an important competitive edge in terms of your expertise.
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Purposeful Biofilm Management

The innovative methods for individual Biofilm Management, and the use of new substance-conserving technologies, as reflected in the unique treatment concept GUIDED BIOFILM THERAPY are having an impact. They improve not only the quality of professional prophylaxis, but the quantity – as the number of prevention-oriented dental practices continues to increase.

Seminars for professionals by professionals

Given its unparalleled continuing education and training concept, the SWISS DENTAL ACADEMY is one of the key pacesetters in dental prophylaxis training. Based on the latest scientific knowledge, the theory and practice courses are taught in terms of practice-oriented requirements. Under the guidance of experienced trainers, you learn how to provide your patients with this gentle, almost painless professional dental cleaning.


Technology that inspires

Practice and improve your treatment expertise by using the most modern air-polishing and ultrasonic devices, also based on the verifiably efficient and substance-conserving AIR-FLOW® and PIEZON® technologies.

A tradition of success

Since it was founded ten years ago, the SWISS DENTAL ACADEMY has educated and trained more than 35,000 attendees.  The SDA now maintains a training network in over 25 countries, making it the most important institution of its kind.

Say GOODBYE to Biofilm.