Legal Notice

1.    Scope of application
This Legal Notice applies to the website of E.M.S. Electro Medical Systems S.A. (hereinafter also referred to as “we”). For further details, please refer to the imprint of our website. This Legal Notice shall not apply to other websites to which we refer merely by setting a link.

2.    Content
We provide our website to the public free-of-charge and do not impose any access restrictions. By using our website or by initiating contact with us, users are not deemed to form any agreement with us. Users shall have no right to uninterrupted availability of our website.
The information provided on our website is merely for informational purposes. We shall endeavour to take care in selecting all of the information provided on our website and to update or supplement it where necessary. Nevertheless, we do not assume any liability for the timeliness, completeness and correctness of the information provided on our website.

We reserve the right to amend, update, supplement or delete the information on our website in whole or in part without any prior notice and in our free discretion. 

3.    Responsibility
We bear responsibility pursuant to the general statutory rules for information of our own provided for the use of the public on our website.                      

A distinction should be made between information of our own contained on our website and such matters as cross-references (links) to information provided by other service providers. Responsibility for such information lies solely with the service provider furnishing such information as its own. Information on such websites may be altered at any time without our knowledge. In the event that we link to websites whose contents are deemed objectionable, we would ask you to notify us thereof.

4.    Copyright and rights of use
Our website overall and individual portions thereof are protected by law. In particular, content and files on our website are globally protected by the German Copyright Act and by international conventions. This applies also to our selection and configuration of information, texts, tables, graphics, image material and video sequences.

We hereby consent to your printing out of the content of our website for your personal use or for internal use within your business or organisation. The same applies to downloading and storage of content, provided this is done for your personal use or for use within your business or organisation.

In all further and other cases, duplication, processing, dissemination and/or public provision of access of legally protected content (unless permitted by law) shall require the proprietor’s prior written consent. However, parties wishing to do so are welcome at any time to approach EMS with requests for images.             

In particular, we do not consent to any inclusion via link of web pages or files from our website within a frame or, for example, any depiction thereof by means of an in-line link, creating the impression that the web page or file from our website is a component of another website.

All rights reserved.

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